Belgium: DIY stores and garden centres reopen

Since Saturday 18 April DIY stores and garden centres reopened in Belgium. As reported on numerous media channels, long queues formed outside the stores from early morning. “Previous to these openings tremendous lobbying had been realised at the instigation of Erwin Van Osta, CEO of the Hubo Group,” says Belgian sector expert Thierry Coeman. “The first sales results responded to expectations, as home improvement and garden activities substantially contribute to the mental health of the Belgians.” The guidance given to retailers is that customers must maintain a distance of 1.5 m from one another and 10 sqm must be available per customer. Garden centres in Belgium have voluntarily increased this to 50 sqm, as announced by their association, Belgische Tuincentra Vereniging VZW/Association Belge des Jardineries (ASBL).