Manifesto – Rediscovering Your Home in a Pandemic

In June 2020 EDRA-GHIN published a Manifesto entitled - Rediscovering Your Home In A Pandemic

Many of us had come to take our homes for granted. However, Covid-19 led to a shift in perspectives; generally speaking, one came to realise just how important our homes are. The reasons for this was that our homes had to play the role of  our office, our school, our restaurants, our gyms, our area of entertainment and our refuge and safe haven. 

The Manifesto, which was translated into 8 languages, was distributed around the world, published in numerous trade publications, as well as the Press in Brussels.

Helping bring DIY and home improvement projects to life is the goal of our members and our industry, which remain in constant evolution to meet consumers’ evolving expectations and desires.

Please find the Manifesto in other languages here:

English - EDRA-GHIN Manifesto - Rediscovering Your Home In A Pandemic

French - Manifeste EDRA-GHIN - Redécouvrir son chez-soi en période de pandémie

German - EDRA-GHIN Erschaffe Dein Zuhause Neu – Der Pandemie Zum Trotz

Italian - EDRA-GHIN Manifesto - Riscoprire La Propria Casa Ai Tempi Della Pandemia

Spanish - EDRA-GHIN Manifesto - Redescubrir El Hogar Durante Una Pandemia

Japanese - Japanese - EDRA-GHIN Manifesto パンデミック最中での家の再発見

Russian - Russian - EDRA-GHIN Manifesto - Откройте Свой Дом Заново Во Время Пандемии

Finnish - EDRA-GHIN Manifesto - Kodin Kasvanut Merkitys Pandemia Tilanteessa