We manage our engagement work along the following lines: 

Direct lobbying applies to issues of clear importance to the DIY retail sector, which are currently being legislated on by the European Union, and where we are best placed to manage these issues as a sector. 

Collaborating on issues of importance to retailing generally, where EDRA shares knowledge and resources with other retailers and sectors. 

Information Sharing applies to issues which are of relevance to retailers, but are best handled by other interest groups.

Representation: EDRA represents the home improvement sector on a number of formal Committees at EU level under the auspices of the European Commission or European Chemicals Agency.

This includes :

• ECHA Member State Committee (Observer)

• ECHA Accredited Stakeholder Group 

• EU Advisory Group on Construction Products 

• EU Standing Committee on Precursors (Observer)

• ECHA Expert Group on Substances in Articles