Europe: Heinz Wieczorek names as new CEO of EDIN

Following the death of EDIN founder Lucien Hardt, his son and co-founder, Philippe Hardt, turned to the network partners. His message: The work of EDIN is continuing. His father had wished that EDIN would live on after his death, writes Philippe Hardt to the EDIN members. “We strongly believe that a platform that can build a diverse network and facilitate collaboration within this network is a tremendous value to all stakeholders,” says Hardt. Chiefly responsible for the further development of EDIN is new CEO Heinz Wieczorek, the former manager of Saint-Gobain, MC Construction Chemical, Xella and Lafarge. Wieczorek had been a close friend of Lucien Hardt, who had named him as his successor when he fell ill.
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