In 2009, EDRA created the Global Home Improvement Network (GHIN) by inviting home centre companies outside the European Economic Area to join the network. GHIN became an official Association in 2014. The members of EDRA are automatically members of GHIN.

GHIN strives to improve the quality of peoples’ homes throughout the world by progressing the quality of home improvement retailing globally. To achieve this aim our members are constantly informed on the latest in the industry including best practices and successful concepts through regular publications, store tours, up-to-date statistics and the annual Global DIY Summit conference.

GHIN has grown to 214 members operating over 30,000 stores in 74 countries. The membership generates over 1.3 million jobs and total revenues over €300bn. With contact to almost every home centre company globally, GHIN has its finger on the pulse of current developments, best practices, new and successful concepts and the latest home improvement trends.