Global: EDRA/GHIN Annual Study Tour

The delegates for the EDRA/GHIN Study Tour to South Africa have now been confirmed. With 30 individuals from 12 different countries the delegation is made up of CEOs and top executives from EDRA/GHIN Member companies. Taking place on 14-18 October 2019, the tour will be visiting a variety of retail concepts in Johannesburg and the surrounding area. The Study Tour, which has been organized with the help of GHIN Board Member Werner de Jager, CEO of Cashbuild, is the second edition of the annually run EDRA/GHIN Study Tour. These study tours give delegates the opportunity to discover new concepts in countries in which they do not operate, providing new perspectives. Particular attention will be paid to the latest home improvement developments in South Africa, how the South African consumer compares to the average consumer globally and the latest trends present in the South African home improvement market.