Japan: Cainz Open a New Type of Membership-Only Pro-Store

This August Cainz will open its first pro-concept store, “C’z PRO”, in Yokohama, Japan. This will be its entry into the membership-based wholesale business for construction professionals. Since July the company has started recruiting members on their C’z PRO website.

The C’z PRO store will offer wide range of building materials and tools as well as a variety of services. The store will have a “Creative Space” for members only, providing rental tools, copy services, a library of catalogues and building material samples. Members will also be able to use this space as a meeting spot for information-sharing with each other, including free drinks.

Cainz have also developed a unique ordering service for their “C’z GO!” stores. An online application enables members to search and purchase all products offered in the store in real time. There are also three options for picking up the items: pick up at the store during business hours, pick up from a pick-up locker outside the store at any time, or have the goods delivered directly to the site.


Germany: OBI opens concept store in Cologne city centre

“Nothing off the rack”: OBI promises its customers in the new “Create” store, which was opened earlier this month in the city of Cologne, while the complex renovation of the store in the Marsdorf district is in full swing. The focus of the new outlet is on DIY furniture and decoration. The “Create” store is only a few yards away from the outlet where Toom opened its pop-up store for three months. By contrast, OBI is planning a long-term commitment in the city of Cologne.


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