France: DIY market reports 3.4% growth for 2019

The French DIY market grew in the year 2019 by 3.4% to an overall volume of EUR 28 bn. The associations of DIY stores and manufacturers FMB and Inoha, who presented the industry figures at a press conference, which was broadcast online, spoke with relief of a market recovery; in the year 2018 there had only been an increase of 0.4%. The positive development also continued into January and February 2020 according to the associations, but was then stopped by the corona pandemic and the shutdown in France.

However DIY stores hadn’t participated in the overall growth of 3.4% to this amount. Their sales grew by 2.5% to a volume of EUR 20.447 bn (74% of the overall market). Specialist trade rose over-proportionally with an increase of 3.5% (EUR 4.042 bn, 14% market share). The largest increase continues to be recorded by the online retailers; however their growth has significantly weakened: after 18% in the year 2018, growth in 2019 only amounted to 11.8% (EUR 2.415 bn, 9% market share). Food retail grew with its DIY ranges by 2.7% to EUR 748m (3% share). Leroy Merlin built up its market leadership among the DIY stores and increased its market share by one percentage point to 37%. The two other sales channels in Groupe Adeo – Weldom and Bricoman – continue to maintain 4% and 3% respectively. Down one percentage point each is the market share of the two sales channels in the Kingfisher group: Castorama now amounts to 14%, Brico Dépôt 13%.


France: Kingfisher France appoints Alain Rabec as CEO

Kingfisher plc announced on 27 September the appointment of Alain Rabec as CEO of Kingfisher France, which includes the Castorama and Brico Dépôt businesses. He will be responsible for over 200 stores, 20,000 colleagues and €4.5 bn of sales. He joined Kingfisher on 1 October and will also be a member of Kingfisher’s Group Executive. Mr Rabec is a highly experienced, operational retailer who has spent over 30 years in senior roles at Carrefour, the French retail group, according to Kingfisher. Most recently (2016-2018) he was executive director of Carrefour hypermarkets, where he was responsible for 230 stores with sales of €17 bn. The current CEO of Kingfisher France, Christian Mazauric, will be taking some time out from Kingfisher to recover from an operation. Kingfisher plc CEO Thierry Garnier said: “Christian has led our companies in France, B&Q in the UK and Brico Dépôt in Romania, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his valuable contribution to Kingfisher. I look forward to welcoming him back to Kingfisher in the future.”


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France: Mixed results for DIY market


The do-it-yourself market in France grew by 0.4% to a volume of €26.0 bn in 2018, although the DIY stores made 0.3% less sales overall. However, in the DIY industry the development of the overall segment is still considered to be a positive result. At a press conference in Paris the presidents of both the association of manufacturers Inoha as well as the DIY association FMB, Jean-Éric Riche and Mathieu Pivain, highlighted the fact that the industry has “withstood” the difficult conditions. In comparison, the other industries in the field of home – furniture (-2.7%), household appliances (-0.4%), garden (+0.2%) – performed worse in 2018. Three quarters of the DIY market – €19.806 bn or 76% – is covered by large-scale DIY stores.

In contrast to this, wholesale has grown by 1.0% to a sales volume of €3.907 bn (15% market share). Traditional specialist shops have lost 2.0% (€728m, 3% share). The DIY departments at food retailers have also made 1.9% less sales (€547m, 2% share). As expected, the big winner was e-commerce with DIY products. It recorded an increase of 18% to €1.008 bn which corresponds to a market share of 4%.

In the DIY store distribution channel, market leader Leroy Merlin further expanded its position and boosted its market share from 34% in 2017 to currently 36%. Adeo controls 43% of the market when taking the sales channels Weldom and Bricoman into account. In contrast, Castorama, the number two in the French market, lost two percentage points and achieved a market share of 15%. Thus, the market share of the British Kingfisher group fell below 30% as its second sales channel, Brico Dépôt, remains at 14%. The shares of the remaining market participants are also largely unchanged.


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