Italy: OBI Recognised as a Top Employer for the 5th Consecutive Year.

OBI has been certified by the Top Employers Institute as a Top Employer Italia 2021 company. This is the fifth consecutive year that the German multinational has obtained this recognition, distinguishing itself for its constant commitment to provide the best working conditions to its employees and for the implementation of best practice, always having its people as a priority focus.

Even in a complex year like 2020 the company completed the HR initiatives that it proposed. In particular it has maintained and implemented the projects envisaged for the development of the digital platform aimed at improving the level of communication between employees, in a historical period in which physical contact was reduced to a minimum.

“The year 2020 has placed us in front of difficult and unexpected challenges – comments Marcello Lorenzi, Human Resources Director of OBI Italia. “The certification, which was awarded to us for the fifth year in a row, confirms the ability of our company to maintain a high focus on people and the quality of the work environment, even in objectively complicated situations” Lorenzi adds: “The challenges in 2020 were not lacking, with the implementation of smart working in the offices, and the introduction of new and stringent hygiene and safety measures in the stores. We can be truly satisfied with the objectives achieved”

Global DIY-Network: Interview with Sergio Giroldi, Group CEO of OBI and EDRA/GHIN President.

On Wednesday the 21st of October John W. Herbert interviewed Sergio Giroldi, Group CEO of OBI and EDRA/GHIN President.
The interview was the first in the “Meet the CEO” series on the Global DIY-Network.

Two topics dominated the discussion: the coronavirus crisis and digitalisation.

OBI are continuing to evolve their digital offer, responding to the digitalisation of society. However, Mr Giroldi pointed out that Brick & Mortar physical stores will continue to play a principal role in the home improvement retailing landscape. Mr Giroldi repeatedly emphasized that the customer’s want and need interaction with real people that can be best provided in the physical store.

In response to questions regarding coronavirus, Mr Giroldi spoke of the significantly increased sales of nearly all DIY retailers. Particularly, the Click & Collect offer for customers has proven to be an increasingly used channel. OBI are also considering offering collection of goods purchased online at a number of new “collection points”.

Sergio Giroldi also discussed the newest OBI concept stores and inner city touch points, creating increased awareness of the brand in city centres. Through the Global DIY-Network viewers have the opportunity to re-watch the interview in its entirety, virtually visit the newest OBI Future store in Marsdorf as well as their Create by OBI! store and learn about the concepts behind them.

A day before the interview Mr Giroldi was diagnosed with Corona-Virus and so the interview was conducted from his home. The whole EDRA/GHIN Team wish our President a speedy recovery.

Germany: OBI expand board

OBI have significantly expanded its board. Having previously consisted of just two people, Sergio Giroldi as CEO and Oliver Geiling (CFO), the new board of the German market leader now has seven members. The new additions are Franz-Peter Tepaß as chief sales officer for Central Europe (Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia), Sebastian Gundel as chief customer officer with responsibility for defining the customer offering, channel management and customer communication (he continues in his role as country director for OBI Austria), Markus Vieler as chief sourcing officer with responsibility for all OBI’s sourcing-related activities (also retaining his post as country director of OBI Poland), Oliver Tackmann as chief IT & logistics officer and Dr Gonn Weide as chief strategy & implementation officer.


Europe: Hornbach, ADEO and OBI grow most strongly

Plus 8.1%, plus 7.8%, plus 6.6% – with these growth rates, the number five, the number one and the number three in the DIY trade European top 10 are setting themselves apart from their competitors. The German DIY store operator Hornbach increased net sales gained on its home market and abroad in the year 2019 to EUR 4.428 bn. European market leader ADEO from France reached EUR 21.379 bn, and OBI, market leader in Germany, made sales of EUR 6.866 bn. These figures have been established by Dähne Verlag for its Statistics Home Improvement Retail. The complete volume will be out in August – however the statistics experts at the German professional publisher, which specialises in the DIY and garden industry, have already published the ranking of the ten largest DIY store groups. Overall, the top 10 of the European DIY trade sector made sales of EUR 65.026 bn last year. That was EUR 2.880 bn or 4.6% more than the previous year.


Germany: OBI leaves competition behind

The hardware store industry has had a strong year, with sales growing despite the reduced number of stores. Market leader OBI in particular is benefiting from the development – the Tengelmann subsidiary increased its gross sales in Germany by 6.5% to €4.1 bn last year, as can be seen from surveys by Dähne-Verlag. OBI thus extends the distance to the second industry player, Bauhaus, which experts in Germany estimate achieved gross sales of around €3.9 bn. With its growth, OBI is well above the overall market average for 2019. The trade association for do-it-yourself, building and gardening (BHB) was able to report the best sales development for the industry at the beginning of last week in more than ten years. Calculated on the basis of GfK values, gross revenue rose by 3.6% to just under €19.5 bn, (3.8% like-for-like). In addition to OBI, only Hornbach and Bauhaus managed to do better than the market.

Lebensmittel Zeitung (6 March 2020)

Germany: OBI sees 6% revenue rise

OBI, market leader in Germany and number three in the European DIY trade, increased its sales by around €500m to an overall €8.2 bn last year. This is an increase of more than 6.3%. At the same time, the number of locations stayed exactly the same at 668 and the overall retail space roughly the same. These figures have been gathered by the editorial team of the specialist journal diy for its annual Statistik Baumarkt + Garten D-A-CH 2020 which will be released in German in May. The results are also fed into Statistics Home Improvement Europe which is published in English and brought out by the editorial team of DIY International in summer.

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Germany: Sales up 5.5% for OBI

The German market leader OBI increased its net sales in the last financial year by 5.5% to  €6.4424 bn. Sales in Germany amounted to €3.2614 bn, equivalent to an increase of 4.2% and slightly outstripping the sales figure outside Germany (€3.1811 bn; + 6.9%). The figures were released by the parent company Tengelmann. The number of OBI stores grew by 2% in the same period to 668 outlets, while the workforce increased by 4.8% to 47,367.


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Germany: Tengelmann restructures

The , which includes the German DIY market leader OBI, is realigning its holding and closing down the operational business of the previous holding company (Tengelmann Warenhandelsgesellschaft KG). The new holding company Tengelmann Twenty-One KG will replace it, with a changed strategic and international orientation, according to the company. Since many of the operational responsibilities currently discharged by the holding company will be handled in future by the affiliated companies themselves, the new holding firm Tengelmann Twenty-One can be much leaner in terms of personnel, says a press release. In addition to the previous finance, tax and legal departments, new ones such as business development, investment management and talent development will be created. The internationalisation strategy already pursued in the past will be followed more closely.

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Germany: OBI opens concept store in Cologne city centre

“Nothing off the rack”: OBI promises its customers in the new “Create” store, which was opened earlier this month in the city of Cologne, while the complex renovation of the store in the Marsdorf district is in full swing. The focus of the new outlet is on DIY furniture and decoration. The “Create” store is only a few yards away from the outlet where Toom opened its pop-up store for three months. By contrast, OBI is planning a long-term commitment in the city of Cologne.


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Germany: 2018 brings €7.7 bn revenue for OBI

OBI, leading DIY operator in Germany and number three in Europe, achieved gross sales of around €7.7 bn in 2018, according to reports from the company. That is around €300m more than in the previous year. The number of locations recorded by the Dähne Verlag publishing house at the end of the year has risen by 13 to 668, of which 351 are in Germany, one less than the year before. According to statistics by Dähne Verlag however, OBI has still increased its retail space nationally by around 10,000 sqm to 2.77 million sqm. Abroad, OBI has 317 stores – 14 more than a year before – with an overall retail space of 2.234 million sqm (2017: 2.109 million sqm).