Spain: Pressure grows for opening of DIY stores

In Spain, demands are getting louder for large-scale home improvement centres, hardware stores and building materials suppliers to reopen.

The think tank Foro Regulación Inteligente has spoken out about this with extensive analysis. As an argument, it not only details the essential role of the more than 8,000 stores, or the 150,000 employees of the retailers and suppliers, but also the overall industry sales of €9m in its theory paper. The paper also highlights the role of this branch of trade and its product range as “the home’s pharmacy”. In addition, the study points out that Spain, in comparison to its European neighbours, is an exception if these businesses are to remain closed. It further states that large-scale DIY stores in particular have the possibility of guaranteeing social distancing and safety rules.


Spain: Brico Centro rebrand of three Spanish Bricorama stores

After the takeover of Bricorama Spain by the Italian DIY retailer Bricofer failed, there is a future for three of the Bricorama stores in Spain: Leal Decoración, a Brico Centro franchisee, has taken over the locations in Abrera near Barcelona (3,500 sqm), Verger near Alicante (2,500 sqm) and Ontinyent near Valencia (1,550 sqm). They will be converted to the Brico Centro brand and reopened at the end of October. This means that the franchise chain will be represented in Catalonia and in the Valencia region for the first time and by the end of the year – a further project in Galicia in the north-west of the country – will have 21 locations.


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Spain: Market anticipating two per cent growth in 2019

The Spanish hardware and DIY market will grow by 2.1% in 2019 according to the Comité de Economía of the Spanish manufacturers’ association AFEB (Asociación de fabricantes de bricolaje y ferretería) at its tenth Foro AFEB de Verano. The home improvement market in Spain is dominated by the French Adeo Group, which has a 72% market share. In Portugal its share is 66%, according to the AFEB. The conference heard that online shopping continues to develop strong momentum, even if still at a low level. Growth rates increased from 23.7% in 2018 to 30.3% in the first six months of 2019.


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Spain: Leroy Merlin reports 6.6% growth

The sales of Leroy Merlin España in 2018 totalled €2.182 bn, equivalent to growth of 6.6%. If the sales of the Aki chain, which also belongs to the French outfit Groupe Adeo and which has merged with Leroy Merlin in 2019, are taken into account, this gives total sales of €2.476 bn. Leroy Merlin increased its online sales by 20.8% to €47.3m. The Leroy Merlin and Aki chains now operate 137 stores between them in Spain. Seven new outlets are expected to open this year. 21 Aki stores are also being converted to the new Leroy Merlin Compact format, with Adeo investing €121.4m in this project. Overall 28 new store openings and 46 store conversions are planned within the next five years.