Welcome to EDRA/GHIN

EDRA/GHIN brings together the world of home improvement.
Our membership includes 214 home centre companies operating
over 32,000 stores in 74 countries. Our members generate
over 1.6 million jobs and total revenues of approximately €320 bn.
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John W. Herbert's, General Secretary EDRA/GHIN, New Year's Message

2019 was another very good year for EDRA/GHIN. 

The EDRA/GHIN mission is to improve the quality of home improvement retailing around the world and by doing so supporting the growth of our industry internationally and giving our member’s customers the opportunity of buying quality products at affordable prices.

We do this by bringing the world of home improvement executives together to learn from one another by sharing best practices and latest and successful concepts and organising study tours, store tours and company visits.

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Keeping our members informed about new industry and policy developments

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A voice for home improvement retailers with government and civil society

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Bringing the world of home improvement together 

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EDRA/GHIN's membership spans the world. Both individual companies and national associations have a central role to play in our work. Through membership of the Global Home Improvement Network we provide a forum for knowledge sharing and networking for retailers. While EDRA provides the collective voice for home improvement retailers in Europe. 
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